Lakeland Bus Lines Inc., 425 East Blackwell St., P.O. Box 898, Dover, New Jersey 07802-0898

One Day Trip to Casinos

Atlantic City Tropicana & Resorts Casino


Saturday  & Sunday

Effective May 19, 2018

Mount Airy

Saturday & Sunday

Sands Casino
(Now Wind Creek Casino)

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Effective May 16, 2018

OVERNIGHT PASSENGERS: These trips are designed as one day excursions, return trips on a different schedule are permitted at no extra charge as a courtesy to our passengers as long as the seats are available.  Return reservations are subject to availability and passengers must check with our office at 973-366-0600 24 hours before return to check on seating availability or trip cancellations.  Return times are given upon arrival at the casinos by the casino host and you must check with each casino for the departure time.  Overnight passengers will board the bus after all the day passengers have boarded.  Daily passenger stays are approximately 6 hours but all return departure times are assigned by the casino bus greeters.