Lakeland Bus Lines Inc., 425 East Blackwell St., P.O. Box 898, Dover, New Jersey 07802-0898

973-366-0600  |  “For traffic updates and information please follow us on twitter @LakelandBus”.

New Rt.78 Buses | Earlier AM bus Into Port Authority and New Express Bus Out
New Buses will be running as of October 1st. PM Bus Will be Leaving from Gate 207 as usual.

New Bus Schedules:
Monday Through Friday

AM Pick Up Times Stops
5:20 AM Bernardsville
5:25 AM Basking Ridge
5:30 AM Lyons P&R
5:32 AM Valley/ King George Road
5:33 AM Millington
5:35 AM Gillette/ Mountain Avenue
5:40 AM  Berkeley Heights/ Plainfield Ave
5:45 AM New Providence/ South Street
5:55 AM  Summit Maple &Broad
5:57 AM  Summit P&R
6:40 AM Arrive in NYC

Arrival Times Drop Off Locations
Departing From Gate 207 6:30 PM Leave NY Port Authority
7:20 PM Warren Township P&R
7:22 PM Valley / King George Road
7:25 PM Lyons P&R
7:30 PM Basking Ridge
7:35 PM Bernardsville